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Discutido, Spanish Gelding Cremello,

8 years old, top hike

Discutido was born on 03/14/2010, very nice horse, he is compact and has a beautiful morphology.

He has great looks. In addition to the color, it has the model.

He took part in several hikes including a week in Alsace where he really went everywhere!

He takes part in our classes and our Sunday outings.

It would be very suitable for entertainment or leisure.

He is more of an outdoor horse, he can go alone or accompanied, can be in front or behind another horse without worry. Even when the horse that accompanies him is complicated, Discutido does not follow him in his nonsense and remains calm.

He is a nice horse that requires love and attention, he is very popular with our students.

It is more suitable for a semi-confirmed or confirmed rider.

He jumps a small bar.

He is in order of Spanish passport with photos (not full paper), vermifuge, trimming, transfer document.

DSC_3540 (536x800).jpg
DSC_0622 (800x591).jpg
DSC_0209 (532x800).jpg
DSC_3284 (800x536).jpg
DSC_3479 (536x800).jpg
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