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Flamenca, bay Iberian mare,

6 years old, very nice

Born on 1/04/2014, she measures 1m50+au- and is quite compact.

Flamenca is very nice and lives in the paddock with other horses.


She participates in our lessons with other horses but can also be ridden alone without worry. It easily performs basic work at 3 gaits.


On a ride, she is promising because she is in good spirits and does things with her heart.

It passes over a bridge, traffic ok,…

We took her swimming at the lake and she was hearty, swimming smooth and easy.

She participated in one of our 3 day hikes in Picardy and was great despite the storm “ Odette ” and the inherent gusts of wind.


She also rides easily in a van and is easy to transport, she respects fences and paddocks well and can be alone or with other horses.

She is a nice mare who is not complicated and who can suit all types of riders.

She is in order of Spanish passport with photos (not full paper), vermifuge, shoeing in the 2 previous ones, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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