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Nazari, Iberian Gelding

dapple gray, 7 years old, top

Superb Iberian gelding born on 1/02/2013, he measures 1m65+au and is a very beautiful, well-made and very baroque horse.


On the track, he is really great and probably has good notions of dressage that we have not exploited because we are more of a hiker. It will certainly make the happiness of a rider who will be gentle but who appreciates a forward horse who does not do anything stupid.


On a walk, he goes alone very easily and really goes everywhere.

It does not heat up even when galloping in the fields and stays with this great collected and rhythmic canter. He does not bite me, does not kick me, does not embark.


In short, as you will have seen on the video, it is a very beautiful Iberian horse with model and chic while being adorable. He is looking for a nice family for life.

He is in order of Spanish passport with photos (not full paper), vermifuge, shoeing in the 2 previous ones, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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