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Caprichoso Yel, Gelding PRE,

9 years old, top ride

Caprichoso is a Purebred Spanish gelding born on 04/19/2011.

He's a nice ride horse who really goes everywhere, he's absolutely not afraid of traffic (tractor, truck, trailer, noise, etc.).

He took part in a 3-day hike in Picardy where he guided part of the group. He was very strong-willed and behaved very well. He went into the sea (despite the waves) and galloped on the beach both individually and in groups.

During this hike, he was confronted with many things (dogs, bridges, caravans, …)

He also did a 3-day trek in Val Joly with a teenager in a group of 9 horses. He swam with gusto in the lake.


It can be housed in a box (as is the case with us) as well as in the pasture (as was the case during the trek with 8 other horses – mares and geldings combined).


On the track, he is nice and determined. However, it is more pleasant on a hike.

He measures 1m60+au-.

He is in full paper ANCCE passport order, registered with the CWBC, in shoeing order, deworming.

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