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Lucero JB, PRE gelding, 6 years old

Lucero is a superb gray gelding with well-stocked black hair.

He measures 1m60+au- and has a very nice morphology that can suit almost all equestrian disciplines. However, we believe that it is in dressage and trail riding that he will excel the most.

Lucero likes to show off and that's one can say " un show man ". It doesn't do anything wrong, kick, bite, board, kick or rear. He just likes to dance and be noticed.

It really is an engraving !

On the track, he is determined and is ready to be put in his hands.

On a walk, he goes absolutely everywhere, he took part in a 3-day hike at Lac du Val Joly where he was happy to swim in the lake and better than that, he took the recalcitrant there. He swam heartily and enthusiastically. On this hike, he guided a group of 9 people with my friend Florine. He is not afraid in traffic and can also get behind other horses.

He is in full paper ANCCE passport order, registered with the CWBC, in shoeing order, deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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