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Moro, burnt bay Iberian gelding,

4 years old, lovely.

Moro measures 1m55+au- and was born on 1/05/2016.

He is a horse of great gentleness and extreme kindness.

He is very sweet and needs a lot of affection.


Despite his young age, he is super easy and very attentive to his rider.

He is already putting "  on his hand " naturally and we can see that this pretty horse will have provisions for dressage : good looks and the will to do well !


It is at " faire à sa main " but has had a very gentle break-in which gives it a good basis to please its future rider.


It is a pretty model with a beautiful neckline and a very pretty head. He has a good back and is promising for the future.

A great horse that deserves a great family !

He is in order with his Spanish passport with photos (not full paper), deworming, shoeing of the 2 forelegs, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

Price: 7000€

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

DSC_0898 (800x556).jpg
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DSC_0609 (800x553).jpg
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