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Normando, dapple gray Iberian gelding, 11 years old, easy and gentle

Normando is an adorable and very endearing gelding born on 24/10/2010 who measures 1m65+au-.

On the track, he works very well and deliberately. Has certain aptitudes for dressage and can be suitable for all types of riders.

On a walk, it is easy and goes absolutely everywhere. He took part in a hike to the Abbaye d'Aulne. He was awesome and incredibly kind. He can even suit a more beginner rider as he is kind and attentive.

He can live in a box or in the meadow (currently in the meadow with 2 girlfriends, he has changed groups several times and that doesn't bother him, he adapts).

Normando saw the dentist in July 2021 for his annual interview.

He is in order of Spanish passport with photo (not full paper), transfer document, registered with the CWBC, in order of shoeing, deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0494/58.64.77

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