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Gelding hispano-paint,

5 years

Pio, Iberian crossbred paint gelding, 5 years old, a top horse


He was born on 1/06/2015 and will take 5 years ; he measures 1m58 + at -.

On the track, despite his young age, he is super friendly and is calm at all speeds.

He is very good at ground work, has done a lot of work in ethology and is great in this discipline.

On walks, he is nice and can go alone as well as in a group.

He is still to be put in his hand but he is kind and voluntary.

He is in order of passport (not full paper), vaccines, deworming, trimming, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.


1freff (800x600).jpg
DSC_0393 (800x536).jpg
DSC_0229 (800x546).jpg
2fdfgtr (800x628).jpg
7defedd (800x591).jpg
DSC_0264 2 (800x495).jpg
DSC_0603 (800x557).jpg
DSC_0533 (800x719).jpg
DSC_0306 (800x576).jpg
DSC_0415 (800x639).jpg
DSC_0425 (800x587).jpg
DSC_0175 (569x800).jpg
2rg (800x588).jpg
DSC_0493 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0244 2 (800x590).jpg
DSC_0390 (800x603).jpg
DSC_0664 (800x492).jpg
DSC_0216 (800x552).jpg
DSC_0323 (800x578).jpg
DSC_0230 (800x547).jpg
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