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Hello and welcome to our home....
Supporter of freedom and nature, passionate 
of horses since my childhood, I have long 
sought before finding my way.

In 2009, I realized my dream by buying a small
equestrian property in the region of Beaumont in
Belgium. But what to do there?
That was the question.... I was only 26 and looking for myself...

Until the day he appeared in my life: Obélisco, this Iberian stallion gave me more than his heart, his soul.... He made me dance to unknown tunes, the little I know about it. is thanks to him!
Then I had the opportunity to make several trips to the south of Spain and to try many Pure Spanish Breeds. I quickly understood that these noble horses had immeasurable qualities such as comfort, presence, beauty, kindness, a practical and lively intelligence... in short, love at first sight! A revelation!!!
Why did you choose this kennel name? It's quite simple: firstly in 2011, I fell in love with a jet black PRE stallion named Luz VII, I owe him my desire to breed and see our own products grow and secondly, I particularly like the Costa de la Luz in Spain, nature is preserved there and the villages authentic. After this brief introduction, place to the photos of our protégés... Riders friends, you are welcome among us...
"To speak to a horse, there are no need for words. It is a carnal embrace that feeds our dreams"
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