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Suerte de la Luz, PRE Palomino foal

Suerte de la Luz, PRE palomino colt, 5 months

Suerte was born on June 20, 2017, he is the son of Cataro JL (palomino stallion, visible to us at breeding) and Fantastica LXIII (palomino mare, also visible to us).

Suerte is a superb golden palomino colt, he is gentle and attentive.

He looks great and looks very much like his dad.

An exceptional colt that may very well be suitable for breeding or for performing.


His parents are visible with us at the breeding. We have his half-siblings visible in our home as well.

He is full PRE paper and will be in ANCCE passport order (full paper) with coat genetic test, title card, dewormer,... CWBC registered.

It is offered for sale now, a deposit is required but payment can be staggered until its weaning.

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