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Hungara J Cortes, chestnut PRE mare, 9 years old, very pleasant

Hungara is a chestnut mare born on 03/23/2008 (9 years old)

We find in its origins a lot of Yeguada Militar and Escalera.

She gave us a very nice foal,Miro de la Luz(chestnut male) and a superb palomino filly,Calunia de la Luz.

Hungara goes everywhere on a walk (traffic, dog, motorcycle, quad, tractor, bridge), she is a great hiking mare with her small size and her kindness. She goes as well in front as behind, she does not heat up behind another horse even if you take a little distance.

She took part in several of our hikes : Ardennes and we made 2 groups, she guided a group with a friend. She was exemplary and went everywhere. She is voluntary and goes there.

She participated in a 15-day trek to Mont Saint Michel with galloping on the beach, in the water, at the foot of the Mont, hiking in the hills, Mont Dol, etc... She had a 15-year-old little rider on the back who even tried to climb “ en cordelette ” on the beach and she was very good.

She is very well made, all in roundness, baroque and of small size (she measures 1m53). She looks like the old model with a very pretty head and very expressive eyes. She also has beautiful loose and very engaged looks.

She loves to swim in the lake near our house and goes there very willingly. It easily crosses rivers.

It can be ridden either with a halter or a bit.

Hungara is in order of ANCCE passport + title card, transfer document, trimming, deworming, flu + tetanus and rhino vaccine.

She saw the dentist in 2016 as well as the osteo.

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