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Tao de la Luz, Cream male (sold)

Our mare -> Afortunada BB (see our mares)

Our stallion -> Mas Tiberio

(see our stallions)

Tao de la Luz, PRE cream foal, born May 25, 2016

Tao is a PRE cream colt born from our mare Afortunada BB, isabelle sooty with size and our perlino Mas Tiberio.

He has Escalera, Paco Marti and Guardiola origins from mum and PM from dad.

Tao will be an excellent horse with very nice paces and above all size and a very good mind. The parents are visible with us at the Breeding.

He lives in the meadow with his mother and is offered for sale now. A deposit is requested and the payment can be staggered until its weaning.

His dress is a rare dress (cream), his parents are not carriers of gray so he will not be carriers either, which also justifies his price. This coat is highly sought after by breeders and people wishing to put on a show with a pretty colored horse.

He is very curious and close to humans, has already had a halter, and is used to being handled by humans.

It will be sold in order of ANCCE passport, color test, transfer document, title card, dewormer, registered with CWBC.

Tel: 0494/78.13.86

Tao leads a dream life with his owner: Elodie (a super mom)

She chose him for the dressage squares and he turns out to live up to her expectations.

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