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Sevilla de la Luz, PRE cream filly

On April 10, 2016, a pretty cream filly was born in our breeding.

She is the daughter of Mas Tiberio, our perlino stallion and Mas Tahiti our golden isabelle mare.

A promising filly... looking for a new family. 

A well balanced super model that will suit the color horse enthusiast or someone looking for a breeding mare.


The mother, our mare -> Mas Thaïti (see our mares)

The father, our stallion -> Mas Tiberio (see our stallions)

Sevilla has grown and is fabulous

Laura is delighted with it and I am very proud that she makes her happy

244072779_1118350165364949_3370437086270089084_n (600x800).jpg
244274753_401733008023021_6629081941259480571_n (600x800).jpg
243826315_1239982983143061_4947425768566943236_n (600x800).jpg
243442756_4790098767668142_1214636905547817848_n (800x539).jpg
3ds (800x600).jpg
243943320_435475334672171_736259297766591954_n (800x600).jpg
243525442_417644143055938_6220161391696786751_n (600x800).jpg
253762011_10158507020822361_7433167481754662383_n (800x600).jpg
8sdqdv (600x800).jpg
243994314_4657880294235871_6165471432749325818_n (600x800).jpg
5sddv (496x800).jpg
116797449_4779597352065930_4233372610598085237_n (800x477).jpg
4zddff (799x800).jpg
2sfd (600x800).jpg
1afef (800x600).jpg
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