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Ferrero de la Luz, PRE male, dress?

The dad is Mas Tiberio, our pearl stallion

Ferrero is the offspring of our mare Carmela X (Granda Losada origins) and our stallion, Mas Tiberio.

Other foals from Mas Tiberio are visible at our breeding.

Ferrero was born on July 16, 2015.

He is very curious, very affectionate and already lets himself be touched everywhere.

He is currently Isabelle but may be gray (he will be genetically tested)

Ferrero will be sold in order of ANCCE passport, genetic test (color test), chip and mutation document.

Ferrero is in deworming order.

We are now offering it for sale but it will be available at weaning (mid-January), we ask for a deposit on booking and it is possible to pay in installments until the balance at weaning.

His mother: Carmela X

We had the chance to attend his birth in the evening of July 16, 2015, the mother was great and let us touch him directly

During our open days, August 2, 2015.

Ferrero was great: balanced, compact, noble gaits...

-> We are satisfied!


Ferrero grows with its owner and evolves very well....

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