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Hermoso de la Luz,

Large bay PRE foal,

born on January 25, 2021

Son of Nina (in his origins, only great houses: Granda Losada, Escalera, Yeguada Militar and Lazo Diaz, granddaughter of Zurcidor IX califiado breeder) and of GJM Jaleo (really very interesting origins, grandson of Cecos by the mother ( young breeder recommended and qualified), grandson of Duquesa Sa  by the mother (qualified breeder), great-grandson of Lego by the mother (qualified and improved breeder), grandson of Pampero VII by the father (calificado); he has in his origins Marin Garcia, Escalera and Yeguada Militar).

A superb colt with size and bone (not surprising given his mother) but above all very close to humans and adorable. To come and meet him is to crack because he will do everything to capsize your hearts (he is really but really adorable)

He is fearless and has already asked for his hugs.

He is really well made, he will be tall, strong, he has a short and well made back. With its little star in mind, it has everything of a future beauty.

He has top origins and therefore is very interesting as a breeder.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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