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Cafetera VI, gray PRE, super origins

fgtht (4) (800x532).jpg

Cafetera is a superb mare, with a morphology just as we like her: baroque and all in roundness.

She gave us a superb filly:Salsa de la Luz, which we have, moreover, decided to keep for breeding.

In terms of origins, on the side of dad Escalera, his paternal grandfather is an Elite breeder and breed improver,

We also find Terry's Viuda with Nostalgico

On the mom side, Centurion with Salvaterra and Bizzaro IV, Viuda de Terry.

Cafetera, having been with us for a few years, had the opportunity to participate in quite a few of our activities. A seasoned hiker, Café was present at our Mont Saint Michel, Picardie, Touquet, Val Joly, Aulne, Ardennes hikes, ... Besides the fact that she goes everywhere, she has also participated in several horse fairs where she has always been posed and listening. She has participated in many ethological courses and can be ridden with a halter, bit and even a cord.

Cafetéra is really a great mare and we are lucky to have her in our breeding, she is a pillar for us!

The icing on the cake, she appreciates the game and the show and therefore knows the lying down, the kneeling, the Spanish step, the piaffe, the passage and can work in freedom.


His origins :

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P1030980 (800x600).jpg

Cafetera in Spain with his filly Beleta

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DSC_0194 (800x533).jpg

On December 1, 2013, Cafetera gave birth to a filly namedBandidas de la Luz. It is baie, it was sold in 48 hours.

DSC_0896 (800x568).jpg

"It is with a light hand that we teach the horse to work"


5kljjhg (800x533).jpg

Cafetera participated in the Mons horse show, from Marche en famenne with Claire Stevenaert.


She has participated in many hikes and made me dream on the beach....

A GOLD mare!

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