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Eva de la Luz, black PRE filly,

born on May 24, 2018

Eva is the daughter of our mare Titania III and our stallion Lebrero SG (excellent Sotogil origins), both are visible at the stud.


Eva is very close to humans and is really adorable, she loves hugs and caresses.

She already has a lot of size and a lot of bones. It will be baroque and carrier.


She lives in the meadow with other horses with her mother and other mares with foals of her age.


We have his half-siblings visible in our home as well.


She will be full PRE paper and will be in ANCCE passport order (full paper) with coat genetic test (it can replicate almost any coat), title card, dewormer,... CWBC registered.



Full brother or sister ofPearl Nero de la Luz

His dad ->Lebrero Sg

His mother ->Titania III

With her new owner, Charlotte, Eva is one year old

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