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Lebrero Sg, Stallion Pre Sotogil Apto

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Lebrero is a very handsome jet black stallion  measuring 1m72 at the withers. Iron Soto Gil, the reputation of this prestigious breeding is well established.

Tall, majestic, with long hair, this horse has everything to please and seduced us for our breeding.

He also has undeniable qualities of heart: gentle, calm, serene and very pleasant under the saddle, he will probably pass on his appreciated qualities.

He has an exceptional mind and does not seem at all stallion in his head as he is calm.

He participates in our courses, courses, hikes, demonstrations, Open House, Halloween party, ...

Its genetic code is: ggEeaaCC


His father: RECLAMO VI covered 156 mares, he essentially reproduces the black dress, he seduced several breedings in the USA where his products are very appreciated for their: straightness, large size, aptitude for dressage, elegance and Escalera & Yeguada origins Militar are highly sought after.

His origins :

He had a lot of foals with us such asLa Luz Arena,Pearl Nero de la Luz,Vesuvio de la Luz,Dolce de la Luz,Eva de la Luz, ...


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Available for your mares: 800€ purebred and 500€ crossbred.

Covered naturally (very gentle and easy stallion) or frozen (possible to send throughout Europe)

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Severine's wedding, July 2014

Lebrero is in the pasture with other horses, he even educates our foal Taranto. It's stallion love.

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The foals of Lebrero Sg

Pearl Nero,

By Titania III and Lebrero Sg

Arena de la Luz,

by Cerena and Lebrero

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