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Myta F is a superb mare with a golden Isabella coat. She was born on 08/03/2014.

She is fit and measures 1m58.

Myta is a super pleasant and attentive mare. She participates in our courses, our internships.

She enjoys swimming in the lake and was exemplary during our hikes: Ardennes, Picardy, Mont Saint Michel, Val Joly, Aulne, ....

She is the mother ofSachero de la Luz  that we have decided to keep for our breeding.

1azdfr (800x530).jpg
2qsdf (800x582).jpg
z (1) (800x533).jpg
2sfdgfg (543x800).jpg
DSC_0283 (800x533).jpg
p (1) (800x533).jpg
DSC_0651 (800x533).jpg
1asdef (800x531).jpg
DSC_0466 (800x517).jpg
Revu (138) (533x800).jpg
zsdswfdxgf (800x533).jpg
6sqdfg (800x513).jpg
efs (534x800).jpg
DSC_0975 (800x531).jpg
1grrg (800x600).jpg
z (5) (800x550).jpg
3qdszef (800x533).jpg
DSC_0235 (800x603).jpg
DSC_0272 (800x497).jpg
fgftr (1) (800x532).jpg
DSC_4487 (800x536).jpg
DSC_5369 (800x536).jpg
DSC_0745 (800x532).jpg
u (3) (533x800).jpg
DSC_0315 (800x499).jpg
DSC_0337 (800x488).jpg
DSC_0224 (800x563).jpg
DSC_0421 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0179 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0023 (800x601).jpg
DSC_0155 (800x637).jpg
DSC_0008 (2) (533x800).jpg
DSC_0058 (2) (800x483).jpg
DSC_0054 (800x537).jpg
20171103_120614 (800x562).jpg
5huhyg (532x800).jpg
3aszdef (800x450).jpg
4frrf (514x800).jpg
1dzef (800x595).jpg
MEL_6157 (800x530).jpg
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