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Estella de la Luz, Isabel filly (sold)












Estella was born on May 13, 2016 by our mare Esplendida and our stallion perlino Mas Tiberio.

She is the full sister of our filly: Esperanza de la Luz (also visible with us).

She is a very pretty filly, tall and with a promising morphology.

Estella has a very interesting morphology: a very short and very baroque back.

She lives in the meadow with her mother and is offered for sale now. A deposit is requested and the payment can be staggered until its weaning.

It will be sold in order of ANCCE passport, transfer document, title card, vermifuge.

Our stallion -> Mas Tiberio (see our stallions)

Our mare -> Esplendida (see our mares)

Esplendida and the full sister of the future foal: Esperanza de la Luz (see our products)

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