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Vasco de la Luz, Male PRE Smocky black (sold)

Vasco de la Luz was born on October 7, 2015.

Son of our perlino stallion, Mas Tiberio and our black mare Islera LVI.

He is the half-brother of our stallion Taranto de la Luz (see our website).

He has everything to make you fall for it, a superb star in the lead and a curious character very close to man.

Vasco has a very original dress: Smocky black.

He is chipped, in order of ANCCE passport, Belgian transfer document, deworming, trimming.

He has already been walked on the road, accepts the halter. It rides easily in a van.

Vasco lives in the meadow with other foals, he respects electric wires.

He has a truly sublime morphology and would be very suitable for breeding or as a show horse. We don't keep him because we already have 5 stallions (including his half brother).

Tel: 0494/78.13.86


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