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Raggaza del Porton,

PRE palomino mare

Raggaza is a golden PRE palomino mare.

Out of 2 Paco Marti parents (Brujo PM and Melosa PM), she is an excellent breeding mare who already has 2 superb tested foals « smocky black pearl  ". His foals are bony and harmonious, and very high quality.

She measures 1m55+au- and was born on June 2, 2011.

We broke Raggaza ourselves and she is really great under the saddle, she is very light and can be ridden with a halter or bit on the track or outdoors, she can also be ridden bareback. She really enjoys the show and is learning at an incredible pace.

She knows the lying, the sitting and the Spanish step. She manages the waltz and the mount by suction and loves to learn.

She jumps a small bar willingly.

On a ride, she goes absolutely everywhere (see video), she is not afraid of anything and can be in front or behind another horse. She remains calm even when the other horses in the group " s'emballe " and she can even serve as a buffer to control them.

She is a mare with a big heart who wants to please her rider.

She is barefoot and it suits her very well, she does not seem to be uncomfortable.

We are thinking of putting it with Cataro this year 2020.

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