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Luz VII, black PRE stallion APTO

I present to you my 13-year-old black Spanish purebred stallion, APTO (admitted to breeding) and full papers.

It is with him that I dream of raising because he is my "black prince". The horse of my heart.

In 2016, we will put 3 of our mares with this beautiful noirot.

He is very brave and goes very well on rides, he goes alone or accompanied by other horses.

We offer it for breeding at the price of  500€. (full ultrasound guarantee)


Its origins:

Luz has many foals in Spain of which I don't have any photos.

On the other hand, he arrived from Spain with his son, of whom here are some photos.

In 2015, we had the opportunity to buy it back, see our other Iberians -> Bambino.

Here is the filly of Luz and Kenza: Inaya (see our products)

The photos were taken the day he was born

She is black.

We will have other Luz products in the future.

At the time of the projection of Kenza, Luz in great shape

"Luz is a story unto himself and I could spend hours talking about him. My passion for Spanish horses once made me  turn my eyes towards this black stallion with the aim of breeding and seeing my own foals grow.  Male in soul and attitudes,  our beginnings were quite chaotic. It only took two simple words to get past it: trust and respect.

The confidence he gave me little by little, the respect I saw growing for him. Step by step, day after day, our complicity has been woven to be what it is in what is most beautiful.
From exclusive breeder, he became partner. Gifted, noble, Luz learns. The low school, where his ample and raised gaits highlight his charisma.  The beginnings of Haute Ecole where his value and the nobility of his race are expressed in perfect harmony. The show where he reveals himself as a histrionic artist. The silence is enough to watch him move.

Watching it move  is enough to understand what it is. Heaven is on horseback. I found there my place with him.
Luz is registered and  transmits to his foals his greatest qualities: his soul... and his heart. His lineage speaks for him but he speaks of life without the need for words. "

It is offered for breeding.

"You can't pretend to master a horse until you master yourself"

Pat Parelli


I could never explain what I feel in their company but on the back of Luz, all my problems fly away and I see life in ROSE.

I could never thank him enough for these moments of pure happiness!

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