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Salsa de la Luz

Our filly was born on 29/05/2017, By Cafetera VI and Luz VII.

She is a very pretty filly with very good origins.

We decided to keep her for our breeding, Cafetera is a great mom and Luz is the stallion of my heart.

DSC_0023 (2) (532x800).jpg
4efsdf (800x528).jpg
y (10) (800x533).jpg

His mother ->Cafetera VI

His dad -> Luz VII

DSC_0956 (800x628).jpg
DSC_0202 (800x686).jpg
DSC_0076 (800x661).jpg
DSC_0021 (800x573).jpg
1ghhj (800x661).jpg
4dsfdjd (532x800).jpg
zfgtrtt (600x800).jpg
DSC_0547 (800x532).jpg
zdfdgr (800x533).jpg
h (5) (800x559).jpg
DSC_0662 (800x488).jpg
2ttt (532x800).jpg
1aserr (532x800).jpg
DSC_0028 (575x800).jpg
DSC_0244 (800x530).jpg
DSC_0139 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0145 (800x708).jpg
l (3) (800x533).jpg
DSC_0268 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0381 (800x533).jpg
3efe (800x703).jpg
DSC_0221 (800x532).jpg
1ayrjgj (800x739).jpg
DSC_0344 (800x628).jpg
8sdf (800x466).jpg
DSC_0089 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0043 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0662 (800x488).jpg
3zsdgfh (800x533).jpg
5gyfdr (669x800).jpg
4ggg (800x532).jpg
DSC_0078 (800x533).jpg
p (5) (800x533).jpg
DSC_0320 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0100 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0244 (800x530).jpg
1znfjgrrg (800x531).jpg
2sdf (800x533).jpg
2sfdg (800x533).jpg
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