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Boléro, PRE bay foal, 8 months

Our foal was born on June 17, 2017.

It has chic and bone.

His mother is visible with us.

He lived in the meadow with other foals and other horses.

Currently, he is in a large barn with 3 other male foals.


He is tied up, accepts the grooming, goes for a walk along the road alone (traffic ok, dogs, etc.)


He is a Purebred Spanish foal but he is sold registered with the CWBC so will not be full paper, which justifies his price. Visible and known relatives.

Passport in order, transfer document too.

4rgerr (532x800).jpg
3rrrre (800x532).jpg
DSC_0264 (800x665).jpg
DSC_0243 (800x625).jpg
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