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Epifano de la Luz, Male PRE (sold)

Son of our mare Gilda Bp and Despert II: smocky black stallion with Peralta origins.

This little guy was born on the day of Epiphany which is why he has this original name of Epifano -> I hope he will soon shine in the heart of a nice family.

And yes, in breeding, you have to make choices and we have to sell this handsome. We found him a great family.

He was born on January 6, 2015...

Her dress is still undetermined 


Epifano has a day in these photos...

Epifano at 2 months

Epifano's father, Despert II

Here is Gilda and Epifano's sister, Dorada de Biau (who can be seen at home)

Epifano is growing up, he is handsome, very compact like his mother. He is 4 months old.

The happiness of seeing Epifano, so happy, one of the first foals born with us 

1dvf (800x518).jpg
262386641_1502557643446587_1471724609966362931_n (601x800).jpg
263319358_457232352603263_166715930112919229_n (601x800).jpg
5df (800x533).jpg
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262281181_4619325981493404_2246179132263021060_n (600x800).jpg
262271767_597831388127899_7925590065560032291_n (600x800).jpg
263347230_444847083657857_1685186923389718843_n (600x800).jpg
263022596_3157923027786317_8192967914251889474_n (800x533).jpg
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