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Cross mare part arabian x paint, 13 years old

Simona is a superb bay piebald mare very well marked.

She was born on 05/10/2007.

She is super nice and very sweet.


On the track, she is really extra nice and determined.

She teaches with our students and teenagers. She is a well forward mare but does not do any dirt. She goes ahead and does what she is told.

She turns out to be very gifted in obstacle with easy jumps at 1m high. She therefore teaches this discipline to our young students.


On the trail, she is an excellent leading mare who walks very well and has a lot of heart. She is fearless on walks and can easily go on her own.

We took her swimming in the lake and she seemed to enjoy the moment.

She also participated in a 3-day trek in Picardy where she galloped in the water, galloped in version " course " in the sea, encountered all forms traffic possible (tractor, bicycle, dog, trailer, bridge, lookout, etc.)


It would be great for a little rider who wants to have fun on the track or progress.

She rides really well in a van.

Simona is also very sweet and endearing, she neighs when you get close to her and takes care of her a bit, she is cuddly and just asks to be cuddled.


She is in order with her passport, dewormer, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

It is a very pretty, fairly rare model with a size that can be suitable for a child but also for a small adult.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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