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Neboloso, Spanish gelding,

4 years old, very brave

He was born on 04/24/2014 and is therefore 4 and a half years old.

He is a pretty horse who measures 1m62+au-. It has size, chic and is very well supplied with horsehair.

He participates in our courses with our students, made several demonstrations at our Open House with our students, participated in a 3-day hike at Lac du Val Joly. He has already been swimming at the lake and he really enjoyed it.

He hiked in Auvergne and was really super awesome. It went everywhere and was very easy.

He is really super nice and very sweet.

It is suitable for all types of riders despite its young age.

He is in order of Spanish passport (not full paper), vermifuge, shoeing, transfer document.

DSC_2715 (800x536).jpg
DSC_0474 (532x800).jpg
DSC_0424 (800x716).jpg
DSC_0399 (800x748).jpg
DSC_0223 (800x642).jpg
DSC_0747 (800x514).jpg
DSC_0289 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0197 (800x708).jpg
DSC_3765 (800x536).jpg
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