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Taranto de la Luz, Stallion PRE apto smocky black, Peralta

Taranto is 3 and a half months old...

Photos of her dad: Karina LXXXII, PRE Isabelle, Peralta origins. This beautiful stallion now belongs to Claire Stevenaert, we sold him in November 2012.

His mother is the pretty Islera LVI, pre black

Baby Taranto is growing well.... The vitamins benefit him!

"The exterior of the horse exerts a beneficial influence than the interior of the man"

Winston Churchill


Taranto grows and grows.....He is very affectionate and we can't wait to see how he reproduces in 2 years.

He measures 1m55 at 19 months!!!!

Taranto plays with our stallion Lebrero SG.

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