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PRE mare isabelle sooty

She was born on 04/27/2009

She is a truly exceptional mare of great kindness.

She participates in our hikes (bareback galloping at the beach, ...), our courses, our courses ...

She is a mare with a big heart and also a very good mother who gave us a very pretty filly ->Madeira de la Luz.

3dsf (800x533).jpg
DSC_0588 (800x498).jpg
5qdsfwdgthyp (800x526).jpg
7fhhh (800x668).jpg
1a (800x533).jpg
DSC_0499 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0557 (800x511).jpg
9gsdeggr (800x532).jpg
3hthth (800x532).jpg
DSC_5330 (536x800).jpg
DSC_0099 (800x532).jpg
tgdrhf (8) (800x533).jpg
4ge (800x556).jpg
8qsdfg (800x518).jpg
2zdefr (800x530).jpg
tgdrhf (4) (800x533).jpg
DSC_0865 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0842 (800x696).jpg
DSC_0786 (800x543).jpg
DSC_0771 (800x478).jpg
tgdrhf (6) (800x533).jpg
DSC_0128 (800x527).jpg
7df (800x533).jpg
DSC_0055 (800x532).jpg
DSC_0080 (800x509).jpg
photographicdesign_1JT8181 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0818 (800x533).jpg
DSC_0416 (800x533).jpg
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