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TH Revuelo, Mare PRE Chestnut fit, 2008,super nice

Revuelo is one of our breeding mares, we broke her in ourselves (halter, sidepull, bit). She gave us superb foals: Chica de la Luz in 2018 (very baroque chestnut), Lucero de la Luz in 2021 (Palomino). She is again in foal from the same marriage with our stallion CATARO JL – Palomino PRE apto. There is therefore a 50% chance that she will produce a palomino or chestnut foal.

She is a very pretty Purebred Spanish mare who measures 1m55, very well supplied with horsehair and very well made, very pretty morphology.

In addition to being a breeding mare with us, she participated in all the activities of our stable. She participates in our classes (even with our little teenagers), our internships, our open days. She was introduced to Cossack aerobatics as well.

She has taken part in many of our hikes: Aulne, Mont Saint Michel, Picardie, Val Joly (swimming in the lake several times), ...

Revuelo lives in a herd with other horses all year round but she has also been boxed, especially for foaling and she does not move at all. She is an excellent mother and a very pleasant mare under saddle. As you can imagine by reading these few lines, it is not with lightness of heart that we take the decision to sell her but here we are, we have no other choice since we have taken the decision to keep a few foals ( born in our arms).

She really is a TOP mare who deserves a 5* family, a mare who can suit all types of riders and who, we are sure, will make her new owners happy.

She is   in order of ANCCE passport (full paper), title card, transfer document, registered with the CWBC, rhino tetanus flu vaccines, trimming, and deworming.

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