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Mas Tiberio, PRE Stallion Perlino Apto

Covering of Mas Tibero, Stallion PRE perle apto

Mas Tiberio is a Pure Bred Spanish Pearl stallion approved for breeding

Tall, 1m63, Mas Tiberio has already covered several of our mares and we had superb offspring in 2015   and in 2016 (to see on our website).

Mas Tiberio transmits its serene and gentle character to its products. His products are baroque and well proportioned.

In addition to the color and the baroque model, Mas Tiberio  transmits his exceptional mind. You have to get to know him to realize the kindness and gentleness of our entire body.

Very compact, with ample gaits, it has an unusual character and is a cream both inside and out.

Its genetic code is :ggEEAaCrCr

He therefore has the dilution gene and will be able to give you the colored dresses.

In 2015; he made isabelles and smocky black. In 2016, we had 3 perlinos foals with our mares carrying the cream gene. Its products are visible here, some have been sold abroad.

The price of the projection is  : 1000€ in pure race and 800€ in crossbreeding.


He is available in natural riding and proves to be a gentleman with the ladies offered to him.

Reservation requested now.

Conditions : A deposit of 50% is requested and the balance as soon as the mare is diagnosed in foal. The ultrasound being the responsibility of the client !

Full mare guarantee, foal alive 48 hours.

In addition to being handsome, MasTib is kind and gentle. He loves cuddles and scratches.


His origins :

Mas Tib is waiting for your mares to make them pretty colored foals....

It is being stripped ethologically by Claire Stevenaert.

Mas Tiberio's 2015 foals

Esperanza de la Luz,

daughter of Esplendida and Mas Tiberio

Ferrero de la Luz,

foal of Carmela and Mas Tiberio

Dalila de la Luz,

Titania III and Mas Tiberio

Vasco de la Luz,

foal from Islera and Mas Tiberio

Aragon de la Luz, by Cerena and Mas Tiberio

Foals born in 2016

Tao de la Luz, son of Afortunada BB and Mas Tiberio

Legendario de la Luz

by Amanecer and Mas Tiberio

Estella de la Luz, by Esplendida and Mas Tiberio

Sevilla de la Luz,

by Mas Tahiti and Mas Tiberio

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