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Vesuvio de la Luz, PRE foal born on 04/17/2017, adorable

Vesuvio is the son of our mare Cala Bona and our stallion Lebrero SG (excellent papers: Sotogil). We have other Lebrero foals (La Luz Arena,Pearl Nero de la Luz) and know foals from Cala Bona (Gilda Bp,Jimena Bp,Calo de Biau, Apollo de Biau).

He is an adorable foal, very close to humans and very curious. His mom is easy going and sweet.

For her dress, we don't know if it will be grey, bay or smocky black. We will make the color request via ANCCE.

Having had several foals from Cala Bona with us (one of which is still one of our breeding mares -> Gilda Bp), she gives her foals raised and superb gaits and the father Lebrero SG gives size, chic and bone.

I put you a photo of the dad who is with us and the mom (visible at our place and on our website)

Vesuvio can be reserved now with a deposit and payment can be split up to weaning.

It will be sold in order of ANCCE passport, title card, mutation document, coat genetic test, dewormer.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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