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Madeira de la Luz, PRE filly, born April 16, 2018

Our filly was born on April 16 and is really a kissable face.

She has daughter of our mare Agathe (isabelle sooty dress) (her mother is visible at our house) and Taranto de la Luz (smocky black apto stallion born at our house).


Madeira is very close to the man and comes by herself to give kisses and hugs.

It is very well done and promising for the future. She has bone and elegance.

His mother participates in our hikes, our lessons and is one of the favorites of our little students.


She will be sold in order of CWBC passport (not registered with ANCCE even if she is Pure Breed), transfer document.

Her dress is indeterminate but we are thinking of a bay dress!

She will be a filly with an excellent mind considering the parents and her character close to man.


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