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Bay Lusitano mare, 9 years old

Calanesa measures 1m64+au- and was born on 02/10/2012,

She is a mare with energy and potential. We're more of an outdoor rider, but she's the kind of mare who, if worked regularly, would also be great in dressage. It already has some interesting bases.

She's fine on the go and  has heart and drive. We went swimming at the lake with her and she was a very good student, with bareback swimming and bareback galloping in the fields.

We also did a 3-day hike in Picardy with swimming in the sea (she also took the other horses in the group as she was so voluntary), bareback galloping on the beach, she also guided the hike.

She can live in box or in meadow (currently in box) and rides easily in van and truck.

Calanesa saw the dentist in July 2021 as well as the osteo for his annual interview.

She is in order of Spanish passport with photo (not full paper), transfer document, registered with the CWBC, in order of shoeing, deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0494/58.64.77

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