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Cosaco XV, PRE gelding, 8 years old, very baroque, lots of horsehair

Cosaco was born on 1/03/2008, so he is 8 years old.

It is super well assembled and very easy, it does not heat up at all but does what is asked of it.

He used to do medieval shows and re-enactments in armor. It was also used for Cossack aerobatics. He has a great back and is really baroque.

He is tall and measures 1.65m. You feel really good on it because it really embodies THE baroque Spanish model, with horsehair, chic and charisma.

On a ride it is ideal, does not look at anything, canters quietly, is easy and can frankly suit everyone.

On the track, he is a teacher: knows the low school and probably also the high school (we put him to the piaffe). We gave lessons to students, even beginners, because he doesn't get carried away and is really gentle.

Calificado grandfather, of iron Gaena, YM, granda losada.

Cosaco would be very suitable for a stable looking for a calm and teacher horse, for someone who wants to evolve with him but also for show.

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