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Silver, Iberian gelding

palomino quarter cross, 9 years old


Silver a super little horse, very baroque and very bone, all compact and all beautiful. He was born on 5/06/2010 and will therefore take 10 years.

It measures 1m45+au- but is suitable for both a young person and an adult.


He is great on the track, he goes at 3 paces and has a top canter. He is nice and always has his ears ready to please his rider.

He also has a gift for jumping, he gladly jumps a bar and does so with ease.

You can even jump bareback… He also jumps wholeheartedly in freedom.


On walks, he is nice and not afraid of traffic. He can also go for a walk alone.

He is not afraid of quads, tractors, traffic of any kind.

He passes over bridges, over tarpaulins and is not afraid of pitfalls. He really is a great outdoor horse.

He worked for 5 years in an agritourism in Italy where he exclusively hiked, which is why he is predisposed for this discipline.


It is very good for beginners, for semi-confirmed or for confirmed. Sometimes you have to impose yourself on the ground (on foot) because it can sometimes have a bit of character, but in the saddle it is top notch.

It can please all types of riders. On our videos, he is ridden by our adult pro riders as well as by our students, including a 9 and a half year old girl.


He is in order of Spanish passport (not full paper), registered with the CWBC, in order of flu + tetanus vaccines, trimming, deworming.

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