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Sapphire, Irish Chestnut Cob Mare,

8 years old, top hike


Sapphire is a very pretty Tinker Irish Cob mare who measures 1m50+au-, very baroque and with bone.

She is easy to tie up, gives her feet well, rides easily in a van.


She is very nice on the trail and can be suitable for our students (she is taken in class) but she especially excels in hiking. She has already taken part in many hikes : Val Joly (she takes fearful horses there each time because she loves to swim –see photos-), Ardennes, Aulne, Hautes Fagnes/Eifel, …

She goes absolutely everywhere and can very well find herself in the lead to lead the group only behind and let herself be guided.


She is barefoot and is really very comfortable like that.

She really is a beautiful mare, a very pretty model.


Sapphire has already had a foal and is also suitable as a breeding mare.


She has already lived in a box and can live in the meadow with other horses as is the case for the moment, she also fits in very well with the herd. She is rather dominated.


She is in order of passport, dewormer, parrage, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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