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Socks, promising pony, 9 years old,

black, great jump shot


Socks is a very baroque and very buoyant pony. She was born in 2011 and just turned 9, the age of reason !

She goes very well on the track and is taken for our lessons by our students, our courses and our hikes.

She measures 1m30/35, rare model.


She has an excellent jump shot and seems to enjoy this discipline.


On a walk, she goes everywhere but she prefers to follow than to lead the walk. She does not exceed and stays behind the other horses even with the youngest less experienced riders (Cfr video).

It can be suitable for all types of riders because it adapts to the level of its rider.

She's been ridden bareback before, and we've taken her swimming at the lake a few times where she's been great.

She rides very well in a van and also very easily in a truck.

She took part in a 3-day hike in Val Joly with a very young student several times and she was perfect (bareback swimming in the lake), she took part in 2 3-day hikes in Picardy (including one with a very young student who barely mastered the gallop), …

She is not afraid of anything in traffic.


She has already lived in a box but can also be in the pasture with other horses as is the case for the moment, she also fits in very well with the herd. It also respects the fences well.


She is in order of passport, vermifuge, shoeing, transfer document, registered with the CWBC.

It is a very pretty, fairly rare model with a size that can be suitable for a child but also for a small adult.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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