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Nerea XXII, PRE bay apta mare,

11 years old, super brave

Nerea is a very pretty Purebred Spanish bay mare, tall and very baroque, she has horsehair and is very chic.

She measures 1m65 and was born on 24/02/2010 and has good origins Escalera, Lazo Diaz.

It is super easy and very gentle. She can live in the meadow with other horses (she is not dominant and respects fences) or in a box where she remains very good-natured.

She gave us a superb foal in February: Valentino de la Luz. We had decided to keep her for breeding and our hikes but unfortunately we are forced to sell her for reasons of overstock. We are therefore looking for a 5 * family where she will be pampered at her fair value. She really is a great juju and a great mom.

Nerea is a listening mare who is very easy under the saddle even if she is more of a "wanderer". She was a brood mare in Spain for a long time and therefore on the track she does not know much, on the other hand on the trail she is really secure and super brave. She goes everywhere and wants to make you happy.

She took part in a 2-day hike to the Abbaye d'Aulne.

We can also offer her in foal to one of our stallions for an extra charge, she is an excellent model for breeding.

She saw the dentist for her annual interview in July 2021.

She is in order of full paper ANCCE passport, titularity card, registered with the CWBC, transfer document, rhino tetanus flu vaccines, 2 previous shoeing, deworming.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0494/58.64.77

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His son ->

Valentino de la Luz (6 months)

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