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Indiano, Hispano-paint gelding, 12 years old,

very complete, carrier

Our gelding was born on 04/12/2007 and has just celebrated his 12th birthday.

He measures 1m65 +au- and is really very well made, baroque and buoyant.

It is a beautiful and large horse which is suitable for a semi-confirmed or confirmed rider.


Indiano has excellent abilities in almost all equestrian disciplines, he took lessons with us for 2 years (golden stirrup training, internships, open days, Halloween rides, disguised outings, etc.), he participated many hikes (Mont Saint Michel, Lac du Val Joly, Touquet, Aulne, … where he had many riders on his back who always appreciated him), he also participated in obstacle competitions (nice shot jumping) as well as a cross where he really went with his heart.


It rides very easily in van and truck.

Go everywhere on a ride, can be in front or behind another horse.

He has good basic dressage knowledge.


He has a good energy and advances at a good pace while respecting his rider.

He has already been swimming at the Barrage with us.

He can  live in a box or in the meadow (respect the fence without worry).


A great opportunity for someone looking for a nice and nice complete horse !

To try it is to adopt it !!!!


We are selling him reluctantly because we are a breeder and can only keep our mares (restructuring, new life choices), we will be particularly demanding as to the choice of his new owner.


He is in order of Spanish passport (not full paper), tetanus and rhino flu vaccines, vermifuge, dentist, osteo, trimming, registered with the CWBC, transfer document.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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