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Mas Tahiti, PRE golden isabelle, iron Mas Queralt

Very pretty iron mare Mas Queralt, her color reminds us of the Spanish sun.

She is sweet and cuddly, she already had a cream foal in 2013.

Tested: EE AA CCr

Paco Marti origins.

Mas Tahï is in foal to Mas Tib for April 2016. 

She is super brave!

Mas Tahiti with her cream foal,

Deseo de la Plumeria

Mas Tahiti has been with us for 5 months, she has already recovered well.

She trusts us and we start her breaking in with Claire Stevenaert

Summer 2015: Mas Tahï will have taken part in several workshops with Claire Stevenaert this summer. Etho-rando course, long reins course, clicker freedom course, ... 

She is extra and sweet, listening to her rider

Mas Tahiti made us a superb cream filly

-> Sevilla de la Luz

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