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Wakana, Ponette Magpie blue,

8 years old, top owl

Born on October 10, 2014, she measures 1m37. It's a rare super size for a small mare that can very well suit a small rider as well as a small adult (my rider in the photos is 1m70).

It is very well made: compact and good feet with a nice supporting back.

She is an Arabized Welsh cross, she has a pretty coat and a very expressive head.

It can be ridden in an English or American saddle, bareback.

We deliberately ridden it with a hackamore but it can of course be ridden with a bit. She participates in our lessons with the younger ones and there she is ridden with a bit. She can do group lessons with the children and would therefore also be very suitable for a club looking for a nice little horse.

On the track, she is really nice and determined. It is ridden by our young riders in progress, participates in our courses and our various services.

On a ride, she goes everywhere both in front and behind without a bad ear for other horses, she does not bite, does not bite and is just happy to go for a walk with her human.

She participated in a 3-day hike in Val Joly with swimming in the lake0 as well as a week in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel (galloping on the beach).

She can suit all types of levels, she has energy but is brave and easy going.

She can live in a box or in the meadow (with other horses without worry, she is brave). We are selling her because we have decided to greatly reduce the number of our horses and ponies.

She is in order of passport, transfer document, registered with the CWBC, in order of shoeing, vaccines and deworming. She saw the dentist and the osteo in 2022.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0493/96.48.01

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