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Impostor MJ, black PRE gelding,

13 years old, super nice

For a friend:

Impostor MJ is a Purebred Spanish gelding born on 05/26/2007, he measures +au-1m60.

Son of Fatuo de Nadales (calificado stallion), much of his origins are prestigious Yeguada Militar, Bohorquez and Lazo Diaz.


On the track, he works with our little pupils for the lessons and makes them evolve. He does what is asked of him and works very well.


He goes for a walk alone or accompanied, passes through traffic, passes over  bridges, is really very pleasant. He has hiked with our hikers (Val Joly with swimming in the lake, Aulne, etc.)


With other horses he is not dominant, he can walk side by side with other horses with long reins.

He can leave a group of horses and return to it at a leisurely canter.

He is in order of ANCCE passport (full paper), Spanish title card, transfer document registered with the CWBC, rhino tetanus flu vaccines, deworming, parrage.

Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86

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