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Boneco, Portuguese gelding, 8 years old, very easy

Bonco measures 1m60+au- and was born on 02/14/2010.

He is a pretty horse, very compact and very well made, with a very very beautiful morphology.

It is really super easy and goes absolutely everywhere, it can go on a walk alone and can also be behind in a group with long reins.

He is not dominant and can also be ridden side by side, a gentle horse that does not bite or kick.

On a walk he is not afraid of anything, he can also be ridden bareback at a gallop in the fields. He is very comfortable and has a very collected, reassuring canter.

Ideal for learning to ride and or regaining confidence.

He is in order of Portuguese passport (not full paper), vermifuge, trimming, transfer document.


Tel: 0032/494.78.13.86 or 0032/495/66.41.75

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