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Oasis, Comtoise crossbred mare,

6 years old, extra adorable

Oasis measures 1m56. She is a super baroque mare and well made (very compact).

It does not move when tied, is very easy to prepare, is soft and kind.

On the track, she is very nice and could be ideal for a club or a hippotherapy center.

She will also be very suitable for a rider who needs to learn or regain confidence because she has a lot of heart. For hikes too, it is calm and serene.


She accepts the tour of the world, that we stand on her back and go down the toboggan. She is also very calm with the different machines she meets in the stable (tractor, bob4, crane, etc.).

Raw, it is also super soft and easy.


As you will have understood, she is a truly brilliant mare who deserves a golden family.

The cross from which she comes is very interesting because it gives her strength to carry while being energetic enough to have fun.

She is in order of passport (not full paper), registered with the CWBC, shoeing and vermifuge.

DSC_0415 (800x707).jpg
DSC_0585 (800x498).jpg
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