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Caramelo, Spanish palomino gelding, 5 years old, adorable

Caramelo is a superb gelding with a palomino coat (rare coat) who measures 1m61. He was born on 16/4/2011 and is therefore 5 years old.

He is a horse that is very easy in hand and under the saddle, he does not move when tethered, gives his feet well, can live in a box or in the meadow, is not dominant with other horses.

It can be suitable for all types of riders, it is very soft and not hot at all.

He goes alone for a walk even if he is more used to going in a group.

On the track, he is hardworking, easily placed and attentive to his rider.

A family horse that can very well be for a beginner or even stressed rider (because he is very comfortable) or a more experienced rider who wants to evolve with him or teach him a lot of things. He is curious and attentive, he does not move when stationary (you can stand up on his back). Really a favorite! A horse to SEE!!!

In addition to being very handsome and very nice, he has horsehair.

Why don't we keep it you say? Well simply because we are a breeding and we need mares....

He is in passport order, registered with the CWBC, in worming and shoeing order.

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