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Tercero III, PRE gelding, 10 years old,

very easy and great hike

Born on 04/10/2009, he measures 1m58 + au-

It is really very pleasant on the track and corresponds to semi-confirmed or confirmed riders.

He is really super nice, he does not bite, does not shoot, does not embark...

It can be ridden English, American or even bareback !


On a walk, it really goes everywhere. He can be in the lead and guide a group as well as be in the middle or behind the group.

He is a great horse who took part in a ride at the Abbaye d'Aulne with a 13-year-old teenager, he was very pleasant.

We also took him swimming at the lake and he was very happy in the water, even bareback with our little students.

He took part in a 3-day hike in Picardy with a gallop in the sea (he was the one who took the group into the water, 1st time in the sea and he almost didn't hesitate_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_!), he galloped bareback on the beach with a dress on his rump.

A truly big-hearted horse !


It was ridden in class by our students and it is really very nice.

It can be ridden bareback easily even at a gallop.

Serene, energetic and gentle…


He is in order of Spanish ANCCE passport (full paper), titularity card, dewormer, registered with the CWBC, transfer document.

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