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Iberian cross gelding Hackney, bay, 12 years old, very easy, ridden and harnessed

Iberian gelding cross hackney bay, 12 years old, very easy, ridden and hitched

Pekeno is a nice horse measuring 1m55+au-, he is super old, the age of a serene and poised horse (that he is !).

He is a truly adorable horse that is easy and pleasing to his rider.


It has rather particular and raised paces due to its crossing with the hackney.


He goes to class with our students and is really very brave and super easy.

He can go on a ride alone or accompanied, can find himself at the head of the group or behind another horse, he does not heat up and does not get angry. He can also leave the group or come back to them quietly.

He goes everywhere in traffic, is not afraid and does things with heart and does them well. 

He took part in a 3-day hike in Val Joly and happily swam in the lake, even bareback… Calmly and gently (see video).

He took part in a 3-day trek in Picardy where he was ridden by a teenager and was brilliant (with galloping on the beach solo or in a group).

Pekeno also participated in our open days where he made a carousel with our students in noise, music and atmosphere.

It can be suitable for all types of riders, it is simple and soft.

He is very well harnessed and has almost only hitched with his former owner.

He is in order of Spanish passport (not full paper), deworming, trimmed, CWBC transfer document.


To try it is to adopt it ! Favorite of our students and riders  !!!

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