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Keira, Bay Selle Belge mare, 5 years old

She was born on 01/01/2015 and is therefore 5 and a half years old.

She is a tall mare, she measures 1m62.

Keira is adorable, can live in a herd with other horses, is not at all dominant and is also used to living in the box.


On the track, she already has a bit of work to do since she was already doing a few small competitions with her former owner. She is placed at 3 gaits and appreciates the work.

We made her pass a small bar and although it is not her primary discipline, she went with her heart.


On the go, she is really great. It goes everywhere, even in strong winds.

She is easy going, kind, voluntary.

It can be suitable for all types of riders.

She is in passport order (not full paper), registered with the CWBC, trimmed and dewormed.

DSC_0392 (800x569).jpg
DSC_0569 (800x680).jpg
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